June 2021

Pollmann México - Getting closer to series production

The building adaptations to the approximately 5,000 m² production facility in San Miguel de Allende are in the home stretch and make a solid and clean impression. Pollmann de México is therefore keeping the standards high and will very soon also be able to cover the local market in México. Up until then, however, a few more steps are required.


"We are on the right track, with the right team for reaching the first major milestone - the start of series production - very soon," says Stefan Pollmann, Managing Director of Pollmann de México, expressing his positive view of the situation.

“Of course, we want to continue to meet the same high quality standards that we have established in Europe and other regions of the world for over 130 years, and which our long-term partners also greatly appreciate,” adds Stefan Pollmann.


In permanent communication with the Austrian location

The Austrian colleagues from the industrialization division are currently working on putting the highly automated assembly system into operation, and the first injection molding tools will be installed at the company shortly. “Soon everything will be up and running very quickly and efficiently. We have a very detailed plan and will keep the promises we have made to our customers”, says Edgar Castorena, Operations Director of Pollmann de México.

In addition to physically setting up the systems, the current focus is on the ongoing transfer of know-how from Austria to México. Colleagues from Mexico will travel to Austria to receive intensive training in their specialist areas. In this way, the processes that work in Austria can be ideally applied in México as well. 


Optimistic view of the future

The order situation for Pollmann México is also showing a positive trend. In addition to the first project, the next investment in additional systems was recently decided on. Sustainable growth is the path to success in México as well – and the international management agrees. Herbert Auer, CEO of Pollmann International, visited the site in San Miguel de Allende at the end of May and was able to get an idea of the local situation. In order to strengthen and further expand international relationships in the automotive industry, Auer also made very productive visits to suppliers and customers.

  • Pollmann México - Getting closer to series production
  • Pollmann México - Getting closer to series production
  • Pollmann México - Getting closer to series production

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