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As a family-owned automotive supplier with an international presence, apprenticeship training is very important to us. Over the past 75 years, we have trained more than 500 apprentices at the Karlstein location.

Every year, we look for young people who are interested in an apprenticeship-based profession at the Karlstein location (AT).

Pollmann has currently 23 apprentices in 8 apprenticeship-based professions

Every year, Pollmann is looking for technically-minded young people who are interested in an apprenticeship in an international company. During the entire apprenticeship, you will be supported by a certified Apprentice Trainer who is ready to help and advise you with professional and personal issues.

We want to especially encourage girls and young women to take advantage of the opportunity to get a technical education in a top-notch international company.

The best apprentices of each year have the option to join the Pollmann “Fit for International” program which allows them to gain international experience at a young age at one of Pollmann's locations abroad.

  • Applications can be submitted at any time. 
  • The apprenticeships begin in early August or September.
Lehrlinge bei Pollmann

6 gears for navigating the apprenticeship.

These are the major modules:

Hands-on work 
in our apprentice shop and in departments 

Vocational school
with the option of additional training courses

Technical presentations
by in-house experts

Active participation
in projects

With high school graduation
Option of apprenticeship with high-school graduation 

Assignment abroad 
for top apprentices of each year at a Pollmann location 

Lukas Eireiner
Lukas Eireiner
Mechatronics apprentice at Pollmann
It is a lot of fun to always learn new and interesting things. A Mechatronics internship is the perfect place.

Pollmann – the apprenticeship that does more. 

Benefits Apprenticeship Pollmann

Apprentice Shop

Separate apprentice shop with state-of-the-art machines

Benefits Apprenticeship Pollmann


Participation in apprentice contests

Benefits Apprenticeship Pollmann

Field Trips

Field trips to leading manufacturing companies

Benefits Apprenticeship Pollmann


Career opportunities as an expert in your chosen field and as an executive in our international company

Benefits Apprenticeship Pollmann

Additional Training

such as Social Skills, English, Quality Assurance in the Production Process

Benefits Apprenticeship Pollmann


‘FIT for International’ program = The top apprentices of each year are sent to a Pollmann location abroad according to their qualifications and training

Benefits Apprenticeship Pollmann

Active Participation

Active participation in major customer projects

Benefits Apprenticeship Pollmann


Bonuses for awards, excellent results at school, etc.

Benefits Apprenticeship Pollmann


Training by a certified Apprentice Trainer

Benefits Apprenticeship Pollmann

Team Building

Group field trips

Benefits Apprenticeship Pollmann


Apprentice Cafe for parents: After their first year, apprentices tell their parents about their training at Pollmann