March 2021

Sunroof - Consistent market leadership by combining the know-how

The Pollmann series: the Sunroof innovation team


Sunroofs have a long history at Pollmann. Already in 1994 we started to specialize in sunroof solutions and meanwhile we are market leader in this segment. In order to stay or expand this market leadership, the used mechanics are constantly re-examined, innovative solutions are created and perfectly adapted to the customer's use.

Our Sunroof innovation team, consisting of experts from all departments, is engaged in such innovative solutions. By combining knowledge along the entire value chain, new resources are constantly mobilized to make more efficient and innovative solutions suitable for series production.

Realized projects

For example, the use of sheet metal of the same quality but with a higher thickness tolerance is acceptable for the application, but poses particular challenges for tooling technology for outsert parts. Therefore, additional, more cost-effective tolerance compensation systems have been developed.

The tool design and the associated investment costs are another component in reaching the quality and cost targets.

The Pollmann Innovation Team continuously establishes optimizations to create the ideal mix of internal and external resources in design, manufacturing and coordination. This makes it possible to stay competitive over the years. Analyses of the competitors are another component to avoid standstill and to make progress.

Progress has been made in standardization projects for conventional assembly solutions, as well as in state-of-the-art production and testing technologies. For example, a generic assembly system was developed internally, which has a modular structure and can therefore be used across products and customers. This guarantees an optimal OEE.

The application of 2-K cube technology for other products, also enables technology transfer to the Sunroof area. This technology increases the number of cavities, shortens the cycle time and leads to more efficient component production.


Sunroof - Innovation Team


Pollmann Innovation-Team Sunroof
f.l.t.r.: Himmelmaier Philip, Gererstorfer Reinhard, Edelmann Markus, Greulberger Andreas, Böck Robert, Strohmer Manfred, Gruber Christoph.

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