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Our domain is the intelligent combination of metal, plastics and electronics in high volumes.

Using manufacturing processes like stamping, turning, plastic injection molding and assembly, we transform these three elements into cost-optimized and complex modules for the automotive industry.


Open to exciting new challenges.

It is not the single instrument. It is the interaction of the orchestra that resonates with the audience. The same applies to our unique three-fold expertise in plastic injection molding, metalworking and electronics. In this field, we are second to none. Here we discover countless ideas for future applications in light-weight design, component safety and energy efficiency combined with high profitability.

Andreas Greulberger
Andreas Greulberger
Head Innovation & Design
“We see the interaction of the three key technologies - plastics, metal and electronics - as the key innovation lever. Here is where we come up with ideas that make our customers successful."

Intelligent Composites



Intelligent composites

There are no limits to an engineer's imagination when overmolding inserts with Pollmann machinery. Bold three-dimensional lead frames or overmolded electronics and even paper. Injection molding machines from 50 to 650 tons with the use of MuCell technology with inserts are sure to be the process-stable efficiency emperors in series production. The components can be manufactured to high cleanliness standards in our own production area in accordance with clean room class 8 / ISO 14644-1.



Stability and conductivity

We use complex stamping tools to manufacture precision parts for precision-engineered modules directly at Pollmann production locations. These include simple stamped parts, complex workpieces with bends, eyelets, embossing and deep-drawn geometries as well as 3-dimensional stamped parts with point hoists - to name but a few. We also use reel-to-reel technology to ensure the cost-effective production of these stamped and bent parts with partial overmolding in high quantities.



Unique material combination

Using integrated assembly processes, sensitive electronic components are overmolded or cast with the component. Cost savings, component safety and automatic quality control are combined in high volume mass production.

Electronic components include, for instance, micro switches or throttles.

Plastic + Metal + Electronics



The great potential of Pollmann modules lies in the intelligent combination of plastic and metal and the conductivity of components for power and data. This is precisely what the mobility industry needs for the development of their vehicles: top-performing products with maximum cost efficiency.

Series Production

High-quality and future-proof in series production. Pollmann mass-produces 2,500 different components and modules per year at 5 Pollmann locations around the world (in Austria, Czech Republic, Mexico and China).




Business Segments

As market leader in sunroof kinematics (ROOF) and door lock housings (DOOR), we have the technical and economic  prerequisites for continuously expanding our market share also in other product segments like powertrain (POWERTRAIN), engine periphery (ENGINE) and hybrid and electric vehicles (e-MOBILITY).


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