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Stamping and Turning

We use complex stamping tools to manufacture precision parts for precision-engineered elements with bends, eyelets, embossing and deep-drawn geometries as well as 3-dimensional stamped parts with point hoists. With cost-effective reel-to-reel technology, we prepare these stamped and bent parts for partial overmolding.

Turned parts are produced with CNC-2 spindle lathes for diameters up to 26 mm and with cam-controlled automatic lathes for diameters up to 9 mm.

Plastics Injection Molding

Pollmann is recognized in the industry as an expert for the overmolding of robust and massive inserts. Sensitive components with stringent cleanliness requirements are manufactured in our in-house production area in accordance with clean room class 8 / ISO 14644-1.

Injection molding processes:

  • Insert/Outsert technology
  • MuCell Plastics foaming
  • Overmolded electronics
  • Multi-component injection moldings
  • Conventional injection molded parts

Assembly and Distribution

Our assembly technologies cover a wide range from the automatic setting of micro switches to the soldering of diodes as well as numerous processing steps such as casting, welding, riveting, soldering, bonding, hot forming and wobbling. Assembly is highly automated or manual depending on product specifications. All components and modules undergo  100% functional testing and are sorted and packaged in a way that they can be seamlessly integrated in the customer's production process.


injection molding machines in use worldwide

Injection molding machines with
a 50-650t clamping force

We process PBT, POM, PP, PA, PC, PA+CF =                        high-quality engineering plastics for high temperatures and dimensional stability

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Find out why Pollmann places innovation teams along the entire value chain and why this is highly successful in 5 business segments

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Find out why the combination of plastic, metal and electronics makes Pollmann the perfect partner for customers from the automotive and mobility industry.