01 Dual Innovation

Every successful industrial company moves between two strong poles.

Curiosity, creativity and excitement about new markets and technologies on the one hand, continuity and process reliability in Production and Logistics on the other hand. The first requires disruption and recombination, the second linear innovation. This duality drives us and is part of our sustainable company strategy.

Design your future

5 Pollmann innovation teams

Every one of our customers wants to stand out from the competition and make a difference. We support them and combine all our competencies across the entire value chain. To do so, we have a separate innovation team in each business segment. The team members combine comprehensive market know-how with in-depth product expertise. They thoroughly analyze vehicle components of the future such as e-motors, powertrains, battery technologies or sensors and are able to join customers in developing state-of-the-art methods in product design. This builds connections. 

Andreas Greulberger
Andreas Greulberger
Head Innovation & Design
'We are driven by the desire to identify relevant trends at an early stage and to be involved in new product developments from the very beginning.'

Pollmann Innovations

Blinker für BMW Motorrad

Physical foaming with inserts
More efficiency in terms of clamping force and cycle time

The physical foaming process (MuCell foam) has three advantages when used for plastic housings: significant savings in plastic materials, lower component weight and a more energy-efficient automatic injection molding machine. In 2007, Pollmann was one of the first to use this foaming process for door locks. Recently, the method has been improved further by adding conductor paths.

Innovation 2

Pre-overmolding and final overmolding
More process stability in Production

We are continuously developing our manufacturing processes for the production of complex components and modules in large volumes. To optimize utilization, Pollmann has combined conventional pre-overmolding equipment directly with final overmolding equipment. Metal parts that were previously pre-overmolded in a separate manufacturing step can now be finally molded in line. Clean production, production system connectivity ( (IIoT, Industry 4.0), logistics control, ergonomics and safety at work are practiced at Pollmann every day .


PPS – The high-performance athlete among plastics
Sophisticated tools for the overmolding of conductor paths

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)  – for chemists, this is a semi-crystalline plastic whose aromatic monomer units are connected by sulfur atoms - for practitioners, it is a material that can solve special problems in injection molding. The catch is that there are stringent requirements in terms of tool  and processing which have to be met first. Pollmann was one of the first to solve this task without a downstream deburring process. Maximum tool precision and intelligent material management make Pollmann solutions particularly successful in applications where clean fittings are required, such as for fuel pumps.

Research and Development

Strategic alliances

Pollmann has a number of collaborative programs with several universities, research institutions and partner companies around the world to work on specific projects or research areas.
Please contact us if you're interested.

Additional Competencies

02 Technologies

Find out why the combination of plastic, metal and electronics makes Pollmann the perfect partner for customers from the automotive and mobility industry.

03 Realization

What is the manufacturing sequence? We explain the global handling of customer projects in 7 steps.