Secondary school and college students

You are looking for an internship ?

We want to support young people who have a specific goal in mind. The strategic integration of summer interns, trainees and students who will be graduating soon is an important foundation for sustainable staff development at our company.

The valuable hands-on experience is often the first step to permanent employment at Pollmann. That is why we make sure to take plenty of time for selection and support.

(Ferial)-Praktika für Schüler

(Summer) internships for students

You will be graduating from high school with a technical or business background ? Join us and gain valuable experience and skills during a summer internship.

We offer summer (July, August) internships in the following areas: Tool Shop, Automation and Robotics,  Maintenance, Production, Logistics, Materials Management, Bookkeeping/Controlling, IT and Quality Management.

To apply for an internship, simply send us your resume and a copy of your last year-end report card and your current semester report card. Apply right after summer vacation, but no later than by the end of February. We select summer interns in March and will notify successful applicants in April.

A summer internship increases your chances of getting an entry-level job at Pollmann after graduation.

You can also apply for the new 12-week internship for engineering college (HTL) students during the school year.

(Bachelor)-Praktikum für Studenten

(Bachelor) internship for college students 

The three-month bachelor internship offers attractive opportunities in technical and business fields: Engineering, Production, Production Planning, Logistics, Materials Management and Quality Management.

Your internship will include independent work in our day-to-day operations and a leadership role in projects.
College students may also apply for one-month internships in July, August and September.
You will have the opportunity to learn about work in a manufacturing environment. The internship also increases your chances for a permanent job at Pollmann after graduation.
In the year following an internship in Austria, you will have the opportunity to do an internship abroad at one of our international locations.

We accept applications with a resume and information about the progress of your studies throughout the year.

Diplom- bzw. Bachelor-/Master-Arbeiten

Diploma or Bachelor's/Master's Theses

Diploma Theses
High school seniors have to write a diploma thesis – usually in a small team. We invite students to contact our experts with suggestions for subject areas. They will be happy to define specific topics with you, provide insights into operational practices and support you with relevant input.

Bachelor's-/Master's Theses
At Pollmann, we do it all: from Product Development to Engineering all the way to mass production. This offers many different opportunities for Bachelor's and Master's projects in the areas of  Engineering, Automation, Production, Production Planning, Logistics, Materials Management and Quality Management.

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