March 2021

Pollmann Mexico - Only a few steps to the finish line

Production facilities are on the way


Preparations for the start of production in Mexico are on the final straight. The first Austrian employees are on site, including Project Manager and Managing Director Pollmann de México Stefan Pollmann, the infrastructure is in the final set-up phase and the machines are already on sea.


The situation on site

"The necessary infrastructure will be in place by the end of March. The commissioning of the molding machines, as well as the set-up of the production lines and the site organization will then no longer be an issue," Rainer Hobiger, Facility Manager Pollmann International, is glad to confirm.

The first machines will soon be arriving at Pollmann de México, marking a major milestone in another success story for the Pollmann Group. Step by step, all production equipment is being installed to guarantee a solid and well-organized basis for the start of the series production in September 2021. In addition to various setups, the organizational structure is also progressing rapidly. The first Mexican team members have been welcomed. The entire team is working very intensively in all necessary areas and is already looking forward to be able to supply the local automotive supplier industry with high-quality products.


Highest quality is ensured

The first Expats have also been on site since the end of February. It is very important to Pollmann that the corporate culture is also manifested in Mexico. "Of course, we want to revive the family business factor here in Mexico as one of the most important of our core values, so that we can create a safe, but also challenging working environment for all our colleagues," says Stefan Pollmann.

In addition to the first project, which is scheduled to start in September 2021, Pollmann is already in close contact with its existing customers, as well as with new ones, in order to be able to continue extending the business over the long-term. Various requests are currently being processed. In this way, the company's own philosophy is once again being applied: "Pollmann is where the customers are and global solutions will continue being offered in the best quality."


Here you will find the contact details for the Mexican site:

Contact person on site:

Laura Trujillo


Sales International:

Peter Greulberger



  • Pollmann Mexico - Only a few steps to the finish line
  • Pollmann Mexico - Only a few steps to the finish line
  • Pollmann Mexico - Only a few steps to the finish line

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