November 2021

Powertrain - Using synergies to create innovations

The Pollmann Series: The Powertrain Innovation Team

The product group Powertrain has enormous synergies with the components of the Engine portfolio. In both areas, we produce polymer housings with integrated conductive tracks, which are fitted with electronic components either in-house or at our customers' facilities.

In order to benefit from synergies, we invited innovation team members from both product groups to participate in a cooperation project called "SymSys SE" (Symbiotic Systems for Structural Electronics). This is a qualification network with partners from the research and corporate sectors. The project, which emerged from the Digitalization flagship initiative, connects twelve industrial companies and thirteen research partners. A project was created under the scientific leadership of the Linz Center of Mechatronics in cooperation with the three clusters Plastics, Automotive and Mechatronics of Business Upper Austria, which bundles knowledge on the integration of intelligence in components in an interdisciplinary way and makes it available for innovations.

This training program is still ongoing, but we were already able to gather the first results at internal innovation workshops in the affected product groups. For example, in addition to the component analysis options already implemented at Pollmann with 3D scans and cleanliness analyses via network partners, we have also installed additional computed tomography and EDX (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy) analysis options.


Expansion of the vertical range of manufacture for press-fit joints

In another innovation project, we have investigated the internal manufacturing of press-fit zones. We are able to produce a specific press-fit zone type in-house with the existing equipment and machinery. However, in order to be able to offer an economic benefit, specific conditions are necessary. Firstly, the customer must be willing to use this type and secondly, a minimum size and complexity is required. For very small pins, there are adequate suppliers who can deliver this. The start of in-house production only makes sense from a suitable part size. However, we are already looking forward to the first product where all requirements are met.

  • Powertrain - Using synergies to create innovations
  • Powertrain - Using synergies to create innovations

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