March 2023

Pollmann's human resources department is in new hands

With his high level of expertise and passion for working with people, Helmut Grobbauer, MSc is the ideal choice to head up HR at Pollmann.


The most important resource of any company are the people who, with all their skills, talents and commitment, manage the daily processes. Pollmann's management therefore attaches particular importance to knowing that the human resources department is in good hands. It is therefore all the more gratifying that the position of Head of Human Resources Management has been optimally filled by Helmut Grobbauer following the departure of Frank Grabner. Grobbauer not only has an excellent education and valuable relevant professional experience, but in his first weeks at Pollmann it has already become clear that he is also exactly the right person for this position on a personal level.

Heeding an inner call

The father of two comes from eastern Styria, but has lived in Krems for several years and has a master's degree in human resources management, leadership and organization. Thanks to his many years of experience in global management positions in companies such as Magna Steyr and ZKW, Grobbauer is very familiar with the automotive industry. So far, he has been responsible for, among other things, the realization of digitalization projects as well as the design and implementation of numerous state-of-the-art solutions in the areas of human potentials, operations and supply chain management. With the move to Pollmann, Grobbauer has decided to dedicate himself fully to human resources from now on. "I followed an inner call. Because I love working with people and because I think I have a certain talent for recognizing and developing potential," explains the 43-year-old.

Focus on employer branding

Of course, Grobbauer will ensure that the classic core functions of HR management run smoothly, but his responsibilities go far beyond that. One of his many visions for Pollmann is to push employer branding and strengthen it in the long term. This area combines all measures aimed at positioning the company as an attractive employer. "Employees should feel heard and valued from the first minute until they leave the company," says Grobbauer.

After all, it's not just about attracting employees, but retaining them in the long term by offering appealing work and a positive and appreciative corporate culture. Due to the current labor market situation, this is more important than ever, especially for companies in non-urban areas. In order to cushion the shortage of skilled workers, the HR manager also wants to focus more on people with so-called atypical life histories in the future. Of course, apprenticeship training is and will remain of immense importance. "This is how we develop young people into ambassadors for the values of the Pollmann family, which have been the foundation of the company's success for 5 generations now," says Grobbauer, who concludes by emphasizing: "The more girls who join in, the better."

Helmut Grobbauer has taken over the management of human resources at Pollmann. He has already been able to successfully familiarize himself with the workforce and internal processes.

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