November 2021

Finding and retaining skilled workers in time

The Pollmann Recruiting Channels: Students, Trainees and Co.

Various internal programs enable us to get in touch with young, motivated and well-trained professionals, as well as to work together with them. Therefore we attach great importance to use all recruiting channels to create win-win situations for companies and employees. For this reason, we use our network to find excellent candidates for various internships. With Markus Hollitsch we have found a talent this year, who was able to work on many interesting topics for him during his 2 month internship. These were for example:

  • Processing of the results for the learning field "Metal Injection Molding" (also known as Powder Injection Molding).
  • Elaboration of test specifications for a new kind of solderless joining technology
  • Preparation of presentation documents of foamed products and comparison of different processes
  • Preparation and presentation of the current possibilities and effects of the use of bioplastics

The cooperation with Markus Hollitsch was very interesting for both sides. It was so interesting that a further cooperation is in progress. There are no obstacles to a joint master's thesis or further cooperation after graduation.


Pollmann Praktikant


f.l.t.r: Andreas Greulberger | Director Innovation & Design, Markus Hollitsch | Trainee, Dr. Ernst Wurz | HR Manager


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