February 2022

Change of leadership in HR management at Pollmann

Frank Grabner takes over the human resources department, after more than 20 years of Ernst Wurz´s leadership


The new year is heralded at Pollmann with a change in management. Frank Grabner (40), a trained lawyer who has now moved from the banking sector to the automotive industry, will take over as head of the human resources department on January 27. He succeeds Ernst Wurz, who is retiring after 20 years with Pollmann.

Review of the last 20 years

Like Frank Grabner, Ernst Wurz also came from the banking sector and had the task of developing the HR department at Pollmann from scratch. For Wurz, the training and further education of the employees was very important, because "education is a good that becomes more through sharing".

In 2004, Ernst Wurz initiated the Waldviertel qualification association with other companies in the region. This now consists of 50 companies and conducts over a hundred different training courses with a total of up to 1,000 participants every year. Another concern for Ernst Wurz was a functioning internal flow of communication. In 2003 he created the Pollmann-News, which informs the employees about current business events. The 166th edition was only recently published.

A new era has started

"After nine exciting years in the financial services industry, I have decided to break new ground in another industry. I have always been fascinated by the automotive industry, which led to me contacting my predecessor Ernst Wurz as soon as I became aware of the position as the new head of HR management. One conversation made it clear to me that I would like to take on this exciting task in an established regional and at the same time international company,” explains Grabner.

Frank Grabner has big plans for the future. The topics of digitization and training should be promoted. "Apprenticeship training has always been one of Pollmann's hobbies, even during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Well-trained people are constantly being sought in the Waldviertel. If the employees we need are not available on the labor market, we have to train them ourselves," says Grabner.


Change of leadership in HR management: f.l.t.r. Frank Grabner and Ernst Wurz

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