September 2023

Pollmann‘s successful leap into E-Mobility

The Lower Austrian automotive supplier is still clearly dominated by the Sunroof and Door, but the E-Mobility division is considered a rising star.


In the 135-year history of the company, Pollmann has reinvented itself time and again: Originally founded as a watchmaker's business, the family-owned company first switched to tape counters and later successfully entered the automotive industry with tachometer counters. This dedication to continuous progress, constant development and lived pioneering role is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy and retains immense importance even today, in such challenging times.

For many reasons. For example, the transformation of the automotive industry in the direction of e-mobility requires new capabilities. At Pollmann, we are not just ready for this, we are already in the thick of it. This is underlined by the high workload of our specialized inquiry teams. "I am sure that e-mobility will be a significant mainstay of the Pollmann Group in the future," says Business Unit Manager Martin Zwotzl, who is keeping a close eye on the market.

Although this forecast has not yet manifested itself in the current sales figures – due to the three-year period between order placement and sales realization – e-mobility is already given high priority at Pollmann. Potential customers are actively approaching Pollmann and there are very positive developments, not only in Europe but also in Mexico in particular. This demonstrates Pollmann's commitment to gaining a foothold in new markets. In China, where local competition is strong, the challenges are greater, but Pollmann remains determined.

The challenges of change

Hurdles such as the cost of materials and energy are being overcome, and Pollmann is working to provide crucial support to its customers in the development and production of electric vehicles. We have considerable technical expertise in combining metal, plastics and electronics. And such highly complex mechatronic components show their strengths, especially in e-vehicles. In-house automation and toolmaking within the Group enable us to respond flexibly and efficiently to market requirements. Development competence, production expertise and comprehensive know-how are further strengths that distinguish Pollmann.

In a changing industry where Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs are increasingly building manufacturing capabilities in-house, Pollmann is ready to enter new playing fields. Whereas in the past it mainly engaged in contract manufacturing, Pollmann will now become more involved in the development phase to meet increasing demands. "We are focusing on components in the electric drive train," explains Martin Zwotzl, citing inverters and battery junction boxes as examples.

The prospects for e-mobility

Forecasts by the market research company Dataforce show that the proportion of fully electric passenger cars will rise to 29% by 2025 and 45% by 2028. This change offers opportunities for Pollmann to establish itself as a major player in electromobility. And we are determined to seize them!

Design Engineer Dietmar Steindl and Global Business Unit Manager Martin Zwotzl

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