June 2021

Pollmann CoolingSystems

Flexible battery thermal management saves batteries and increases range

Batteries require the right operating temperature for maximum performance and service life. For energy storage devices such as those developed for electric cars and hybrid drives, this is between 15° and 35° Celsius. With CoolingSystems, the Austrian supplier Pollmann has created a flexible thermal management concept that regulates battery temperatures by combining different solutions. With active battery cooling and heating from Karlstein, the range of pure electric vehicles remains stable, even when the outside temperatures are extreme. And hybrid vehicles do not have higher fuel consumption even in inhospitable conditions. Another practical advantage: In the Pollmann modular system, the heat sinks consist of individual modules, meaning that the cooling components and – when using the Pollmann CellConnect cell connection – individual battery cells in the battery module can be exchanged. This opens up new possibilities, especially for the battery modules’ "second life".


The advantages of CoolingSystems:

  • Pollmann relies on a variable process instead of a singular approach.
  • This allows solutions for several battery concepts: Whether prismatic, pouch or round cell – Pollmann will find the right solution.
  • Cooling takes place directly on the battery cell itself. This significantly increases the service life of the battery.
  • The battery cells are individually temperature-controlled and therefore can be replaced in the event of defects.
  • The Pollmann process is easily scalable: It can be implemented automatically in large numbers.


Thermal sensitivity

Energy storage systems emit heat under high loads. This significantly reduces the batteries’ service life and charging capacity. Another consequence of temperature fluctuations in energy storage systems: A cold battery can only be charged with reduced power, which affects electric vehicles’ performance. The vehicle's power electronics must also be actively cooled so that the required power can be released at all times.


A solution can always be found

CoolingSystems from Pollmann is a process that, thanks to its flexibility, can be applied to the requirements of multiple battery technologies. Three different cooling concepts for liquid cooling of batteries describe how Pollmann's expertise in materials can be flexibly applied.

  • Cooling with sheet aluminum: Compact sheet metal parts made of aluminum sheet are firmly joined and actively provide cooling.
  • Cooling with a plastic cell shoe: A cell shoe made by plastic injection molding dissipates the heat from the cells directly.
  • Cooling with a plastic-metal composite: With plastic-coated metal carriers and the pairing of different plastic materials, we achieve active heat dissipation directly on the cell surface.


Modular solutions

With Pollmann CoolingSystems, customers have access to a modular system of active cooling concepts that make the performance of the energy storage system largely independent of external conditions. The combination of Pollmann's core competencies gives rise to new possibilities for controlling the heat generation of battery and power electronics in the desired bandwidths.

  • Pollmann CoolingSystems
  • Pollmann CoolingSystems
  • Pollmann CoolingSystems

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