September 2023

Apprenticeship at Pollmann: Success guaranteed

Qualified specialists are more in demand than ever and so the family company Pollmann attaches enormous importance to apprenticeship training. Modern apprentice workshop, additional qualifications and assignments abroad: we invest in young people. Promotion opportunities included – many important key positions are now held by former apprentices.


"And now we determine the zero point," says apprentice trainer Roman Zibusch, pointing to the workpiece. Maximilian and Luca listen attentively as he explains the work order on the CNC milling machine. The new apprentice workshop at Pollmann's headquarters in the Lower Austrian Waldviertel is comprehensively equipped with various milling machines, lathes, soldering stations, a cylindrical grinding machine, and an electrical and pneumatic laboratory table. But the computer-controlled CNC milling machine is and remains a highlight, as it was built by the apprentices themselves.

Training workshop modernized and enlarged

The new apprentice workshop has only been in operation for a few months – it has moved and, with an area of around 300 m², is now a third larger than before – but the apprentice workshop concept has been followed at Pollmann for decades. At the international automotive supplier from Karlstein, apprentices are not integrated directly into ongoing production, as is common in many other companies, but are first intensively prepared for it in a separate workshop. "Here we can respond individually to each character. I am convinced that this is very valuable for the young people," says Roman Zibusch.

Apprentices produce for Maxxom and Toolmaking

Of course, the apprentice workshop is not just a place to practice, the work is supposed to have a purpose. And so, in addition to other projects, the apprentices also produce parts for the Pollmann subsidiaries Maxxom Automation and Pollmann Werkzeugbau. In addition to the production of ejectors and mold pins for injection molding and stamping tools, this also includes the manufacture of turned and milled parts.

Apprentice trainer Roman Zibusch and deputy Benjamin Janicek with apprentices Maximilian Prock and Luca Hirsch at the CNC milling machine.

Wide range of apprenticeships

Pollmann has been training apprentices for 85 years, and the range of apprenticeships has grown steadily. There are currently eight professions to choose from: mechatronics, electrical engineering, plastics engineering, technical drawing, metal technology-toolmaking technology, metal technology-toolmaking technology with a specialization in technical design technology, technical designer specializing in toolmaking technology, and information technology specializing in plant technology.

The in-house apprentice training is of course of immense importance for the company in times of shortage of skilled workers, but as one of the largest apprentice trainers in the region, Pollmann thus also makes an important contribution to society. After all, the company welcomes 5 to 12 technically oriented young people each year, depending on demand.

Currently Pollmann employs 26 apprentices. The fact that more and more of them are young women is a development that Pollmann not only welcomes, but actively promotes. "The ladies are in no way inferior to the men. On the contrary, the group dynamic is improved and the performance level within the group is kept high," reports the apprentice trainer.

Apprentices are "Fit for International"

What distinguishes apprenticeship training at Pollmann? "That we go beyond the required training target," says Zibusch. So not only are instructive excursions to other companies organized, Pollmann apprentices also complete several additional training courses. Social skills, lean management and quality assurance are on the training schedule. Team building is also promoted. This is underlined by the soccer table that recently moved into the apprentice workshop.

Another special feature is Pollmann's "Fit for International" program, under which the best apprentices of the year are sent to international Pollmann locations as a sign of recognition. This year, two apprentices have the opportunity to go to Mexico and two others will be sent to China. In this way, they can get to know the respective country and get a taste of international working atmosphere at a young age. A valuable experience that ideally rounds off Pollmann's well thought-out training concept!

New soccer table in the apprentice workshop: Our apprentices Riccardo Kranner, Maximillian Blei, Maximillian Traxler and Luca Hirsch.

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