Maximilian Haitzer

Plastics Technician - from the apprenticeship to Pollmann China

The plastics technician started his career at Pollmann in 2013 as an apprentice. Today he has a responsible position at Pollmann in China. Job, culture and his colleagues have make him think about not returning to Europe any time soon.

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How would you describe your career at Pollmann?
I started my apprenticeship in Plastics Engineering at Pollmann in 2013. After graduating, I was able to acquire more in-depth knowledge in the Plastics Engineering department. I can now put this know-how to good use in my new assignment at Pollmann China.

Do you have one sentence that describes your approach to work or your philosophy towards life?
There is a solution for every problem.

What do you like best about your work? 
Constantly being faced with and mastering new challenges.

What advice would you give the future generation of Pollmann employees?
Continue to learn and take on new challenges.

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