Cooling Systems

Optimized thermal management for batteries and power electronics

Thermal management challenge

If no active thermal management system is in place, the battery temperature must be kept within the optimum range during operation by reducing the load on the battery. This has a negative impact on driving behavior and performance. The charging performance is also reduced without active thermal management because heat is also generated during this process. For this reason, active battery cooling or heating is increasingly being used. It is particularly important that thermal management is as efficient as possible. The aim is to neither reduce the driving range of purely electric vehicles nor to increase fuel consumption in hybrid vehicle.

Robert Pollmann
Robert Pollmann
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Innovative cooling concepts for battery and power electronics

Pollmann CoolingSystems provide our customers with a modular system of active cooling concepts. The innovative combination of different Pollmann manufacturing technologies opens up new possibilities for the optimized thermal management of battery and power electronics. There are almost no limits to design. Whether prismatic, pouch or round cells – Pollmann is sure to find the most suitable solution.



Cooling with a plastic cell shoe

A plastic injection molded cell shoe conducts heat directly to the cells.

Plastic cell shoe


Cooling with aluminum sheets

Compact stamped and bent parts made of aluminum sheet are joined by a material bond and actively provide cooling.

Cooling with aluminium sheet


Cooling with a plastic-metal composite

Thanks to plastic-molded metal carriers and the pairing of different plastic materials, we achieve active heat dissipation directly at the cell surface.

Cooling with a plastic-metal composite

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