Modular cell connectors – the solution without cables and welded joints

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Until now, battery cell connections have been based on cables. But they take up space and automation in mass production is complex and cost intensive. Instead of the usual welded cell connectors with cables for voltage checks, Pollmann is taking a new approach and building plug-in cell connectors with voltage sensing made of stamped and overmolded conductor track.


Compatible with all e-strategies


Pollmann CellConnect covers the requirements for pure electric vehicles as well as for all hybrid variants. The design can be customized to such a degree that the current-carrying capacity of the connectors can be adapted to the specific application. Voltages from 48 to 800 volts and more, as well as currents over 1000 amps are no problem.





The cell connection technology


  • Conductive strips to the cell are isolated.
  • Necessary length changes are compensated by the assembly itself.
  • Stamped voltage and temperature sensing elements made of brass are plastic overmolded.
  • Brass conductor tracks are connected by plugs, solder pins, welding, insulation displacement or Press-Fit.
  • High degree of design freedom for any cell arrangement.

A: Overmolded cell connector | B: Cell connector assembly | C: Integrated voltage and temperature sensing



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