April 2020

What are the Pollmann innovation teams?

The key component for our competitive strength


We at Pollmann believe that focusing our core competencies on the five product groups Roof, Door, Engine, Powertrain and e-Mobility is the key to our global competitiveness. Because this gives us instant visibility on the market. And internally, it allows us to experience the growing product requirements first hand. These two factors inspire us to constantly come up with outstanding production solutions.

The exchange among experts across the entire value chain is an integral part of our organization. Pollmann bundles its know-how in so-called innovation teams in each of the five product segments. Departmental experts regularly sit at the same table to discuss topics ranging from concept, design and process development to quality management. Sales, Development & Design, Project Management, Automation and Robotics, Process Engineering and Quality Management are firmly integrated in the process.

The challenges of tomorrow are analyzed by the whole team in order to find the best solution for an overall package. In innovation workshops, all new ideas and improvements are translated into so-called 'learning fields'.

A competitive edge also means that we must continue to develop our production processes. That is why inputs from suppliers, partners and research institutions are continuously fed into the innovation workshops.

Our innovation teams are a component of the new Pollmann innovation process which is currently being rolled out.

We start presenting the Innovation Team from Door Solutions.

Andreas Greulberger, Markus Hahn, Markus Stocklasser, Alexander Dorr, Roman Matzinger, Andreas Steininger and Jan Schwingenschlögl

These team members are experts in Pollmann products and assemblies in the door and tailgate segment. They know the market, they know the customers and they know the competition. They are highly familiar with product requirements, environmental conditions as well as test and inspection methods. The team carries out competitive analyses and keeps continuously up-to-date by attending trade fairs and conferences. Since the team members closely listen to their customers and understand their specific differentiation needs, they can provide effective advice and respond quickly.

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