June 2023

Successful China Business Talk at Pollmann

Chinese and local guests from business and politics used the platform initiated by Pollmann for a cross-border exchange.


"It is not so often that you have such a high-caliber delegation from such a distant country visiting you," emphasized Christian Moser, Vice President of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce, during his speech at Pollmann's Business Talk. Because in addition to domestic representatives from business and politics, among whom was also District Chief Executive Manuela Herzog, a delegation from China was also present at the Pollmann headquarters in Karlstein on Thursday, June 15. This delegation consisted of Jinlong Chen, the mayor of People’s Government of Zhangpu Town, Xun Zhang, the deputy director of the Zhangpu Economic Development Bureau, and two representatives of the Kunshan German Industrial Park.

This industrial park, not far from Shanghai, is the headquarters of Pollmann China. "Pollmann recognized the potential of this region a long time ago and has now been represented by its Kunshan site in Jiangsu Province for over 17 years," explains Pollmann CEO Herbert Auer. Site manager Ewald Miksche, who was connected via video conference from China, reported on the successes and milestones achieved, but also on the hurdles and obstacles encountered during these 17 years. The handling of COVID-19 could not go unmentioned, and Miksche told how production could be permanently maintained despite a rigorous lockdown thanks to intelligent planning and a high level of employee commitment.

Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Moser recalled the plant expansion in 2019, during which he himself was on site. He compared the setting at the time to an "ballroom", but he also had other words of praise for Pollmann: "A word is a word. A handshake is just as valid as a notarized contract."

Cooperation agreement between Pollmann and the government of Zhangpu

Before the business talk hosted by Pollmann came to an end with finger food and drinks and time for exchanging ideas and networking, CEO Herbert Auer and Zhangpu Mayor Jinlong Chen pulled out their pens. A detailed cooperation agreement was signed, which is intended to reinforce and further intensify the long-standing international cooperation. As a further sign of appreciation, Auer presented his guest of honor with an award as "Best International Government Partner".

  • Successful China Business Talk at Pollmann
  • Successful China Business Talk at Pollmann
  • Successful China Business Talk at Pollmann
  • Successful China Business Talk at Pollmann
  • Successful China Business Talk at Pollmann

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