May 2023

Pollmann supports TU Wien Racing

The EDGE14, the 9th electric car built by the TU Wien Racing Team, is ready for the race track.


"It is impressive with which enthusiasm, with which competence and with which professionalism a team of more than 90 students could realize a project of this scale", Martin Zwotzl, Pollmann's Global Business Unit Manager for E-Mobility, is enthusiastic. We are proud to be able to support such innovative spirit as a sponsor!

Reliability in focus

"Reliability above all else" was the motto during the development of the EDGE14. While the team adopted the specially developed E6 electric motor from last year's car, the aero package in particular was heavily optimized to reduce lap times even further. The shape of the monocoque has remained the same, but the structure of the plies has been tweaked to achieve an even lower weight with the same stiffness.

With an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds, the EDGE14 shows just how much power it has. Pollmann wishes the TU Vienna Racing Team a successful racing season in Formula Student!

About the team

Formula Student comprises 600 teams worldwide, competing in 8 different disciplines and 3 vehicle classes. The TU Wien Racing Team is also part of this racing series and constructs a new racing car every year. The team consists of about 90 members from 15 different fields of study. It does not matter at which university or university of applied sciences they study. By working in the TU Vienna Racing Team, the members can gain a wide range of practical experience and get to know numerous companies and organizations. This is of great value for later career entry.

  • Pollmann supports TU Wien Racing
  • Pollmann supports TU Wien Racing
  • Pollmann supports TU Wien Racing

The EDGE14 is finished. Pictures: TU Wien Racing

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