December 2023

Pollmann on track for TISAX certification

IT security in the spotlight: The Austrian Pollmann locations are making great strides towards their TISAX certification.


"Around 70 percent of the work is done. Now it's time to finalize the path we've taken," summarizes Bernhard Maryschka, Head of IT and SAP at Pollmann International, looking back on intensive months for himself and his team.

TISAX certification for Pollmann International and Pollmann Austria with its locations in Karlstein and Vitis is scheduled for May 2024. In order to be optimally prepared and to identify any need for action, an internal pre-audit is scheduled for January and the external audit at "Stage 1" is planned for March.

Certification of the locations in the Czech Republic, China and Mexico will then be carried out successively. Nevertheless, all technical implementations will be rolled out immediately across the Group.

Increasing the security level

TISAX stands for "Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange" and represents a standard for information security defined by the automotive industry, which is based on the ISO 27.001 regulation. "The measures serve to protect our company from potential cyber attacks, to raise information security to a higher level and thus to guarantee the security of supply and delivery for our customers," says Maryschka.

The current focus is on finalizing guidelines, training plans and employee and company agreements. Because in addition to implementing the many technical measures, it is crucial that the people in the company also actively contribute to the safety culture.

The upcoming certification puts Pollmann at the forefront of companies that meet the highest standards in terms of data security in the automotive sector. The course has been set and our team is ready to successfully complete the final spurt to TISAX.

Head of IT Bernhard Maryschka (right) with IT Security Specialist Jan Daum.

Head of IT Bernhard Maryschka (right) with IT Security Specialist Jan Daum.


TISAX® is an industry-wide assessment and exchange process that emerged in 2017 and aims to ensure information security in the automotive industry. It focuses on the protection of data, including its integrity and availability, both during the manufacturing process and in the operation of vehicles.

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