July 2020

Plant II in Vitis open for business

A piece of the future
A festive ribbon-cutting ceremony had been planned for June 5 to open the new Pollmann Plant II in Vitis. But things didn’t work out that way: The new site started operations in early summer without a lot of fanfare. With its new production and storage architecture in the Vitis plant, Pollmann has entered the digital era of industrial manufacturing. 

It is a start in phases: The test runs and initial production steps of the new plant in Vitis already took place in May of last year. Just a few weeks later, we started operations in three shifts. The many audits we passed within a few weeks were a testimony to the quality and advanced technology inherent in our new production processes and storage logistics. And all this happened last summer when the plant in Vitis still looked more like a construction site than a manufacturing plant. But now, the time of stopgaps and temporary solutions is over: Plant II has reached the first expansion stage as planned. We are currently manufacturing housings and covers for door lock systems in Vitis.

More space for the future
Pollmann acquired the 65,000m² property with an eye to the future. Robert Pollmann: “With our Vitis location, we have prepared for all developments in the more distant future.” The space available in Karlstein did not allow for any further growth. The total investment of 17 million will ensure “that the Pollmann Group will remain a company with Waldviertel DNA for many years to come”. The headquarters in Karlstein/Austria will remain the center for technological developments. However, the production in Karlstein will focus on smaller components, while Vitis will be set up for the production of larger modules.

Ahead of the competition
Vitis is a response to the challenges of digital production. Herbert Auer is convinced that “industrial production in Europe will only be successful if we meet the highest technological standards.” The automated production facilities of Plant 2 promise international competitiveness even under the toughest conditions. Industry experts refer to our fully-automated high-bay rack storage system as a benchmark for comparable logistics chains. 

Climate-efficient and self-sufficient
Today, industrial production has to be efficient while meeting the most stringent climate protection standards - there is no way around it. Plant 2 is a prime example: Because of the perfect North-South alignment and utilization of all possibilities for energy recovery, the building needs no external energy for heating purposes. The Vitis location heats itself. Peneder Bau-Elemente GmbH, a construction company in Upper Austria, was responsible for building planning and the energy-efficient design of the entire building complex.

Bildcredit © Kurt Hörbst

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