July 2020

New Pollmann location in Mexico


What had been planned four years ago has now become a reality: Pollmann has finally established its fifth international production location in Mexico. The choice fell on the central industrial region in the Bajio area North East of the capital of Mexico City. The decision in favor of one of the most dynamic economic regions in all of Latin America also has to be seen in light of our development strategy. This region is home to a considerable number of Mexican tier 2 automotive suppliers.

You don’t start a project of this magnitude out of the blue. We are very happy to already have an order on the books for door lock systems for BMW and Daimler. Our plan is to produce 1.4 Mio locks per year in Mexico starting in mid-2021. The 100% subsidiary of Pollmann International GmbH will focus on flexible manufacturing options at the Mexico location. The plant will offer both manual assembly and highly complex manufacturing processes. Pollmann Mexico will be able to match the quality and variety already known from other locations and is looking forward to additional orders for the location. 

The project has already started and is in full swing. Stefan Pollmann is the project manager for this strategically important expansion. Based on our customer’s timeline, the start of series production is scheduled for September 2021. Adaptation of the production facilities will start in October 2020 at the latest. By locating a suitable production building for Pollmann Mexico we have already reached an important project milestone. Pollmann will initially have a production area of 5000m² in Mexico. The rapidly growing region around the business park between San Miguel de Allende and Queretaro offers a solid foundation for the sustainable growth of our company. The first colleagues from Austria will arrive starting in early 2021 to ensure a safe launch and set the stage for another Pollmann success story.  

“We at Pollmann consider Mexico an important second location module for the entire NAFTA region. We can serve our US customers from our production location in Illinois and supply the production facilities of our customers in Central and South America from Mexico,” says Stefan Pollmann who sees this move as a reflection of Pollmann’s philosophy to always be where the customers are: at the automotive hotspots of the world. “We are ready right now to accept orders for Pollmann Mexico,” states Stefan Pollmann who is looking forward to quickly filling the future production capacities to produce proven Pollmann quality.

  • New Pollmann location in Mexico
  • New Pollmann location in Mexico
  • New Pollmann location in Mexico

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