March 2021

Future-oriented developments in the e-mobility business

New solutions for electric vehicles

E-mobility has now also fully taken its hold in Austria. The charging infrastructure is growing steadily, and there are hardly no days when new charging stations for electric vehicles are not being built. But the trend toward electromobility is also unstoppable in many other countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

The current situation as well as the development of the last years confirm Pollmann's decision to place itself in the field of electromobility. More and more OEMs not only communicate their intention to produce electric vehicles, but also set goals according to what they want to produce at least mainly electric vehicles in the coming years. Recently, Jaguar also announced its intention to produce exclusively electric vehicles by 2025.

"We are also noticing these developments at Pollmann, as our customers are also increasingly moving in this direction - this strengthens us. It is becoming clearer that our manufacturing know-how is the right one for a wide variety of assemblies in electromobility, which means that we can push ahead with our own developments," explains Martin Zwotzl, Global Business Unit Manager E-Mobility at Pollmann.

By developing a new solution for connecting battery cells and a wireless way of monitoring voltages and temperatures, Pollmann has filed a patent application with a bright future. This solution allows individual battery cells to be exchanged in the vehicle, thus making a significant contribution to the optimized use of raw materials and the reusability of entire battery packs. This solution is called "Pollmann CellConnect" and enables a more cost-effective and simplified manufacturing and automation process, as no welding process is required to connect individual cells and attach the cables. The existing know-how from stamping and overmolding processes is used for implementation.

In addition to the development of cell connections, Pollmann also supplies innovative cooling concepts for battery and power electronics cooling. "Pollmann CoolingSystems" represent various concepts for active cooling of battery and power electronics. The use of plastic injection molding or stamping and bending opens up new possibilities in this area.

Apart from innovations in the field of batteries, we are also involved in the production of busbars, which represent the connection between the electric motor and the power electronics or the connection between the battery and the power electronics. The areas of application here range from mild hybrids (MHEV) to all-electric vehicles (BEV).

Another important area that is particularly significant for purely electric vehicles is the electric water pump. It is driven by a mostly integrated electric motor and is responsible for the circulation of the cooling medium for batteries, electric motors or power electronics. The manufacturing expertise required for this is also deeply rooted in our know-how.

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  • Future-oriented developments in the e-mobility business
  • Future-oriented developments in the e-mobility business
  • Future-oriented developments in the e-mobility business
  • Future-oriented developments in the e-mobility business
  • Future-oriented developments in the e-mobility business

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