December 2020

Pollmann shines in a new light

New design | User-friendly | Can be used worldwide


Finally we got it! After months of intensive work, the new website of Pollmann International has been launched.
The fresh design allows visitors an intuitive usage and offers fast loading times.

The focus is on the user

The usability was especially important for the redesign of the website. The User should get to his destination as quickly as possible, and as easily as possible. So the focus of the relaunch stayed on the simplicity of the content. Furthermore, new features were integrated, which simplifies the handling and shows the information fast and clearly:

Besonders wichtig bei der Überarbeitung der Website war die Usability. Der User soll nicht nur so schnell wie möglich an sein Ziel kommen, sondern auch so einfach wie möglich. Daher wurde beim Relaunch der Fokus auf die Simplizität der Inhalte gelegt. Weiters wurden neue Features integriert, welche das Handling vereinfachen und Information sofort klar darstellen:

  • Pollmann event calender: Here you will see all our upcoming events!
  • Online newsletter registration: Stay up to date!
  • Online application: The fastest way to join the Pollmann crew!
  • Job Alert: Currently no job for you? No problem! We will inform you as soon as we have something relevant!

Adaptable and user friendly

To make the design as easy as possible also for our employees, we decided to use the CMS system Concrete 5. This system is easy and intuitive to use and is therefore optimal to keep the users up-to-date.

The value stays in the region

This project was realised with the local web design agency Turquoise Digital e.U. from Waidhofen/Thaya.
CEO Dipl.-Ing. Georg Ertl is impressed of the result:“ In this project, the positioning, visions, motives and needs of the customer were researched in a workshop and then the main focus for the company was set. The extensive analysis of the design elements and the associated creation of guidelines made it possible to develop a harmonious and uniform design".

The new website will be published in German, English, Chinese and Czech. Currently we worked on the last two languages.

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We'll be glad to answer your questions:


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