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Success stories from our employees

It is our employees who use their skills and expertise to perform at their highest level every day and make Pollmann successful around the globe. We believe in our employees and are happy about their commitment and their joy in continuing to grow in the company. We have many success stories of employees that we are particularly proud of!

Harald Weber
Department Head in Production (Plastic Injection Molding)

How would you describe your career at Pollmann?
When I started an apprenticeship as a Tool Shop Engineer at Pollmann in 1997, I had no idea what opportunities would lie ahead. Flexibility, a solution-focused approach and the willingness to change are some of the reasons that allowed me to successfully advance from apprentice to department head. Pollmann, a family-owned business with a global presence, creates the working environment I need and value.

Do you have one sentence that describes your approach to work or your philosophy towards life?
Focus on solutions rather than on criticism.

What do you like best about your work?
Challenges and variety

What advice would you give the future generation of Pollmann employees?
Accept challenges, take responsibility

Thomas Genner
Tool Shop Engineer

How would you describe your career at Pollmann?
In 2009, I started a dual apprenticeship at Pollmann. After the final apprenticeship examination, I worked towards and received my master craftsman certificate. During my time with the company, I learned a lot and gained new experiences which are very helpful in my current work with Pollmann Czech Republic.

Do you have one sentence that describes your approach to work or your philosophy towards life?
My motto is: You can always do a little more because you never stop learning.

What do you like best about your work?
There is a lot of variety and you always learn something new.

What advice would you give the future generation of Pollmann employees?Continuing education is the most important thing in life because without training and courses you will never get ahead.

Matthias Holbach

To know a company well is an advantage because it helps you better organize and understand your own work. During my trainee program, I really get to know the company, its employees, its processes and the company culture. My assignments give me the opportunity to work in many different functions. I participate in operational tasks such as operating and setting up a machine, in production planning and also in strategic challenges such as supplier selection or annual planning. This allows me to see the daily work at Pollmann from many different perspectives. With this knowledge, I will be able to better understand the processes in my future role and ultimately make a significant contribution to continued development.

Christopher Brinnich
Facility Management / Building Planning and Building Projects

The intensive trainee program at Pollmann with its many new challenges has had a great influence on me over the past 5 years. I gained a deep understanding of all processes, continued to build on my skills and am now able to realize my full potential at work. That is why I face each task with enthusiasm and motivation so that I will also achieve the goals which I set for myself.

Sabrina Harrer
Quality Management

My responsibilities are diverse and interesting, but also quite challenging.
I work not only in Quality, but also get to know other departments by filling in as needed. This makes my day-to-day work interesting and I become familiar with different processes. I have many helpful colleagues, which makes work fun. 

“Curiosity is the best motivator.” You have to have courage, try things out and use the opportunities offered to you.

Roman Zibusch
Head of Apprenticeship Training

Commitment and hard work will lead to personal success at work and in daily life.

My career started at Pollmann Austria in August 1998. Before that, I graduated from the Secondary Technical School for Micromechanics in Karlstein/Th. T This education became the foundation for my professional life. At Pollmann, I started in the Tool Shop/Milling Shop where I was able to apply the experience I had gained during training.  I also rotated through other departments to acquire additional skills.

In 2009, I was asked if I could imagine working with young people in training. After considering it briefly, I accepted the position. I have never regretted this decision because I am always presented with new challenges, and as a trainer, I get to meet new people with different personalities every year.

My motto is: “Go through life with a smile on your face and open eyes”, and “No pain, no gain”.


Martin Steiner
Tool Shop Manager

I walk through the company with open eyes and an open mind.  You always see something new and interesting that helps you move Forward!

Verena Wurst
Process Development & Optimization

My philosophy is: Always approach challenges and changes with a positive attitude; this is the only way to achieve “great things”.

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