March 2024

New whistleblower system at Pollmann

With the implementation of “SecuReveal”, Pollmann has found a sophisticated solution to ensure the anonymous reporting of compliance violations.


The online-based whistleblower system SecuReveal is a response to the EU Whistleblower Directive and replaces the previous compliance email addresses of Pollmann International GmbH. SecuReveal enables employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders of the Pollmann Group to report any violations of the Code of Conduct as well as indications of economic crime and other business-critical matters.

The system is available in German, English, Czech, Spanish and Chinese. It can be used via the website or directly via

Confidentiality guaranteed
SecuReveal is designed to be user-friendly and allows documents and files to be uploaded. Each whistleblower receives a unique reference number for later identification and the secure, anonymous communication. 

The reports received are treated confidentially. Only those responsible for compliance at Pollmann, Helmut Grobbauer, HR Director, and Katharina Ammer, Head of Legal, have access. They can continue the dialog with the whistleblower and initiate the necessary steps, as the case may be.

Maximum data security
SecuReveal attaches great importance to data security and data protection. The system is operated on dedicated servers in a highly secure Austrian data center and complies with the latest data security standards. The anonymity of the whistleblower is guaranteed due to a multi-stage registration process, and all transmitted data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. 

Helmut Grobbauer, HR Director at Pollmann International, emphasizes: “The system gives whistleblowers the opportunity to report violations safely and without negative consequences.” With SecuReveal, Pollmann not only complies with the legal requirements but also strengthens the security, efficiency and sustainability of its compliance strategy. This underlines Pollmann’s commitment to transparency, integrity and responsible action. 


Helmut Grobbauer, HR Director of Pollmann International

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