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Break-through in E-Mobility!

Introducing the E-Mobility innovation team

Andreas Greulberger is convinced: “Electric vehicles will have reached price and range parity with internal combustion engine-powered vehicles before 2025.” Greulberger, Head of Innovation & Design at Pollmann, has been following battery cell manufacturers worldwide who are in the process of setting up new factories. By 2028, these capacities will be able to supply approx. 25% of all vehicles built each year with batteries for purely electrically powered vehicles (BEV).
But there's more. Andreas Greulberger also anticipates strong growth for hybrid models. This applies to all technical concepts and designs such as mild hybrids (MHV), hybrids (HV) and plug-in hybrids (PHV).

“The change will come very quickly, not least because automobile manufacturers face high penalties if they do not achieve the legally required CO2 fleet targets.” That is how Greulberger explains his outlook for the future and the many opportunities he sees for Pollmann to support its customers. The hybrid versions in particular will have a number of additional components and increased battery requirements. All of this requires new solutions which we also assign to the growing e-mobility segment.

Knowing our customers and the market also includes active field research. Recently, owner Robert Pollmann offered the E-Mobility innovation team a test ride in a Tesla Model 3 during which he shared his experience with e-cars. Pollmann, an enthusiastic e-car driver, has been using electric and hybrid vehicles from different manufacturers for many years and is well equipped to compare the different concepts.

Product developments, components and assemblies for electric mobility have long since become part of Pollmann’s day-to-day business. “We must continue to focus strongly on this segment and be extremely alert because things are moving very fast in this field.” Both Pollmann CEO Herbert Auer and Andreas Greulberger agree: “We want to be a player in this market and must not miss out on any opportunities.”

“That is the reason why the innovation team sees itself as a think tank,” says Greulberger explaining the team’s philosophy. “And we are using our networks to continuously increase our know-how so that we can identify the needs of our customers ahead of the others. It is therefore very important to invite customer inquiries whenever we can.” Pollmann is frequently able to offer highly convincing product ideas and a stable process design as early as in the pre-development stage.

The market is moving rapidly. That is why the innovation team for electric mobility must also keep an eye on related developments and advances that are going on at the same time - as, for instance, with fuel cells, hydrogen drives and synthetic motor fuel.

But that will be the topic of another story...


E-Mobility innovation team:

Our innovation teams are a key component of the new Pollmann innovation process.

They consist of top experts along the value chain of a business segment. Today, we would like to introduce the ‘E-Mobility’ innovation team to you: With Harald Gross-Shrbeny, Johannes Schuster, Matthias Kitzler, Michael Sauschlager, Hannes Dollensky and Head of Innovation & Design Andreas Greulberger, this team combines a wealth of experience and expertise.

At the same time, the team members are up-to-date on the latest market developments and the challenges our customers are facing.

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