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Declaration concerning data protection takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. The following declaration will provide you with an overview of how we ensure protection of your personal data.

Declaration concerning data protection (hereinafter referred to as "website operator")

1. Subject matter of this declaration concerning data protection
This declaration explains how we handle person-related data of which we become aware when you use the website and the services of the website operator. This declaration also covers the use of person-related data, received by us from our business partners, by the website operator.
The use of data by companies or persons independent of the website operator who are neither employees nor authorized parties of the website operator, is not covered by the present declaration. Examples stated below are intended as illustrations only and should not be considered as a comprehensive list of all conceivable scenarios and manners of procedure.

2. Collection and use of data
The website operator collects person-related data if you set up a user account or if you use specific offers or services. In some cases, the website operator also receives person-related data from our business partners.
If you set up a user account, we ask that you indicate your company name, your name, your address and your e-mail address. However, not all of this information is compulsory. In all cases, we shall be aware of your identity following the setting up of a user account.
The website operator also automatically collects and stores information transmitted to us by your browser in our server logs. In particular, this involves your IP address, information which the website operator has deposited on cookies with your consent and the site called up by you.
The website operator uses the data collected to process orders for offers or services, to enable more efficient and more effective working with the products and services and - with your permission - to inform you of special offers or new products.

3. Transfer of data to third parties
The website operator will not forward or disclose your person-related data to third parties other than in the following cases. The website operator will transfer your person-related data to third parties exclusively if:

  • you have consented to the transfer,
  • the transfer is necessary for the execution of the offers or services of which you wish to make use,
  • a subcontractor or vicarious agent, used by us within the scope of the provision of the offers or services, requires this data (in the absence of any explicit information to the contrary being provided to you, such auxiliary persons are only authorized to use the data if this is necessary for the provision of the offer or service),
  • an enforceable official or judicial order is available or if transfer is necessary in order to prevent misuse of our offers or services, in particular use involving a violation of the General Terms and Conditions of Business or special terms and conditions of use of the website operator, in a legally admissible manner.

4. Cookies
Cookies are files that we deposit on your hard disk, not on our server. The purpose of the information contained in the cookies is to facilitate navigation and to avoid you having to enter your entire registration data anew during each use. Cookies can also be used for informing - with your consent - your personal interested parties of the contents of our promotional offers, for processing orders and offers or services and - with your consent - for informing you about special offers or new products. You can prevent the storing of cookies on your hard disk by selecting "Do not accept cookies" in your browser settings. Precisely how this works in detail can be seen from the manual of your browser manufacturer. Nevertheless, if you do not accept any cookies, this can lead to restricted functioning of our offers.
With your consent, the website operator will deposit the data that we collect from you in cookies on your hard disk, and will call up this information again during later use.

5. Editing or deletion of data in your user account
You have the right to correct, extend or delete the information and settings stored in your user account at any time. If you consent to a specific use of your data, this declaration can be revoked at any time. In particular, you are free to choose whether you wish to continue to be informed of special offers and new products.
Under certain circumstances, the website operator can refuse access to the data collected on you, for example if confidential business information is affected or if the rights of another person would be violated by you being granted access.

6. Data security
The website operator makes every effort to protect your personal information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alternation or destruction. The data in your user account is protected by a password in order to safeguard confidentiality and security.

7. Amendments to this declaration concerning data protection
The website operator reserves the right to amend this declaration concerning data protection at a future date. In the event of the website operator using your information in any manner other than that indicated in the declaration concerning data protection at the time of recording, we shall endeavor to inform you by e-mail using the most recent information known to us. If you have not provided us with consent to the establishing of contact with you, you will not be informed and we shall not use your personal information in any new manner. In all cases, however, a corresponding message will be made available on the website by means of an emphasized announcement.

8. Questions, complaints, criticism and suggestions
Should you have any questions, complaints, suggestions or doubts concerning this data protection declaration or concerning the use or disclosure of your information, please complete a feedback form or send an e-mail.

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