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”Activate the turn signal and look for another route, we have always reached our destination“

Interview with Stefan Pollmann


Flexibility is the key to long-term success in the continuously changing automotive market. Pollmann International GmbH has firmly internalized this idea and is responding by restructuring its organization. An international Business Development & Sales organization was established on February 1. This clearly shows that Pollmann is not only withstanding the current market conditions, but is also actively seizing new development opportunities. 

After one and a half months as Vice President of Business Development & Sales, Stefan Pollmann shares his perspectives on current developments, strategic orientation and personal visions of the future. 

The Sales and Innovation & Design departments have been merged into one Business Development & Sales department. What are the motives and objectives behind this restructuring?
Pollmann has existed for more than 135 years and has experienced significant changes throughout its history, both due to internal and external influences. We are also currently facing certain challenges in the market, which we want to adapt to in the best possible way. Also taking into account the needs of our customers.

One of our plans is to be more present in markets outside of Europe, to strengthen our expertise there and to operate closer to our customers. For example, Pollmann will also establish itself with Engineering and Sales in a strategic hotspot, the USMCA region.

The implementation of an active Business Development and the close link between Innovation & Sales allows us to optimize the further development of our customers’ products and the associated processes and procedures in an extremely efficient manner. This results in directly measurable benefits for our customers. 

What have been your main priorities in your first one and a half months in your new role? What are the next steps?
From day one, my main priority was to get to know my team even better. To create a basis that is built on unconditional trust. Because this forms the foundation for successful cooperation. 

My next activities will include traveling to the regions in which we operate in order to talk with the local teams and adapt our global setup to the needs of the respective markets.

What strategic goals is Pollmann pursuing for the sunroof and door lock product groups in the face of challenging international competition?
While other European producers are currently reorienting themselves and turning their backs on these markets in particular, Pollmann is giving high priority to strengthening and innovatively developing the Roof and Door divisions. In these product groups in particular, which are very strong and well established at Pollmann, we still see great potential, which our experienced team led by Peter Greulberger will actively realize. We want to use Pollmann’s global setup in the best possible way in order to continue to grow together with our long-term and new customers. 

Nevertheless, are there also strong trends towards e-mobility?
Definitely! We have also sharpened our product portfolio in this direction and are developing very interesting solutions that will certainly have a significant impact on the future of mobility. E-Mobility is an increasingly important business sector for Pollmann. We have already achieved significant progress in this sector, both with new customers and by deepening existing partnerships. 

Especially in Business Development, hurdles and obstacles are inevitable. How do you deal with that?
I am convinced that every challenge brings opportunities. I am also convinced that at the end of the day challenges cannot be solved by one person alone. Especially here, team spirit is important. And even if it seems that an obstacle cannot be overcome, there is always a reverse gear. Activate the turn signal and look for another route, we have always reached our destination. 

You are part of the 5th family generation in the company. What is your vision for the future development of the Pollmann Group?
My vision is that one day my son will also be actively involved in the company. If that's what he wants. Even then, Pollmann as a family business should still clearly stand for the core values of respect, trust and responsibility. I also see us as a reliable partner for our customers, employees and all those who share clear values of cooperation in the future. The quality of our products is set anyway, there's no question about that. However, it is also important to me that people enjoy working with Pollmann. 

All details on the restructuring that took place on February 1: Pollmann restructures its global organization 


Stefan Pollmann is responsible for the Business Development & Sales department of the Pollmann Group on a global level. 

About Pollmann International
Pollmann is a family-owned business with five international locations and 135 years of experience with a focus on the automotive industry. Specializing in the production of highly complex mechatronics parts for the automotive industry, we are a valuable partner to our customers around the world offering design and development, prototyping, toolmaking, equipment automation as well as large-scale production. With its claim to “Process Innovation and Component Precision”, Pollmann supports its customers in the automotive hotspots in Europe, the Americas and Asia and quickly responds to customer needs with its in-house development and production expertise. Pollmann International currently has 1,400 employees and achieved sales of around 158 million euros in 2022.

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