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New PV system at Pollmann China is up and running

Important investment on the way to CO2-neutral production


In order to contribute to the limitation of global warming, the Pollmann Group has firmly committed to achieving carbon-neutral production at all its sites by 2028. The installation of photovoltaic systems marks an important step on this journey.

Last year, the existing system at the high-rack warehouse at the Pollmann Austria plant in Vitis was increased to 200 kWp. A short time later, the starting signal was also given at Pollmann China: The new PV system on the roof of the Kunshan site covers an area of 3,000 square meters and comprises 652 modules with a total output of 430 kWp. This will cover around 10 percent of Pollmann China's annual electricity consumption. 

The total investment for this project amounts to 195,000 euros, with the payback period estimated to be around 3 years.

Ewald Miksche, Managing Director at Pollmann China, emphasizes: "This measure not only allows us to reduce our carbon footprint but also reduces our dependence on electricity price developments and strengthens our resilience to potential power outages."

The new photovoltaic system combines environmental friendliness, energy independence, and economic benefits, highlighting Pollmann's commitment to sustainable production. An expansion is being considered but requires a detailed technical examination and load analysis.

  • New PV system at Pollmann China is up and running
  • New PV system at Pollmann China is up and running

Prior to the PV installation at Pollmann China, a comprehensive load analysis was conducted.

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