UNI- oder FH-Absolventen (m/w/d)





ab EUR 2.700,-- Brutto

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Dr. Ernst Wurz

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Herr Dr.
Ernst Wurz
HR Management

Pollmann Austria GmbH
Raabser Straße 1
3822 Karlstein / Thaya


Wir bieten für unterschiedliche Aufgabengebiete zukunftsfähige Jobs mit Karrieremöglichkeiten


  • UNI- oder FH-Studium in technischen Bereichen oder wirtschaftlichen Bereich

Das bieten wir

  • Wachstumsstarkes Familienunternehmen
  • Entwicklungsperspektive in einem internationalen Umfeld
  • Aktive Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten im Fachbereich
  • Bruttomonatsgehalt ab EUR 2.700,-, mehr bei konkreter Qualifikation
    adäquater Berufserfahrung

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Pollmann Austria GmbH
Raabser Straße 1
3822 Karlstein

  • UNI- oder FH-Absolventen (m/w/d)
  • UNI- oder FH-Absolventen (m/w/d)


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Benefits at Pollmann

Benefits Pollmann

Planned Education and Training

Investment in the future of our employees is the foundation for the healthy growth of our company. We create an annual training plan for you with modules that develop your technical and linguistic skills and further your personal development.

Benefits Pollmann

Waldviertel Qualification Association

As the leading company of this training initiative, we offer our employees direct access to training programs that advance their technical and linguistic skills and further their personal development.

Benefits Pollmann

‘FIT for International’ Program

Depending on their qualifications and training, top apprentices from each year are sent to a Pollmann location abroad and gain international work experience at a young age.

Benefits Pollmann

All Focus on You

The annual performance review is a chance to look back and create new momentum. In an individual training plan, your manager outlines a possible future career path together with you.

Benefits Pollmann

The Pollmann Leadership Program

Two managers from each location receive special support in the form of customized training for one year.

Benefits Pollmann

Supplementary Modules for Apprentices

Social Skills Training, Lean Production, Quality Assurance in the Production Process

Benefits Pollmann

Plastics Mold Maker

Three-semester course alongside work leading to an apprenticeship degree.

Benefits Pollmann

International Opportunities

Expat experience or internships abroad at our international locations can be your start into an international career.

Benefits Pollmann

Events for Employees

Company outings and field trips, parties or sports activities are fun ways to strengthen our sense of community.

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