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Tool and Plant Construction

Stamping, die-casting and molding tools are developed and manufactured almost exclusively by Pollmann directly. The manufacturing and test processes are interlinked to ensure enduring quality. The test and control software is also developed in-house. As a result, only specification-compliant parts and components are processed further.

Flawless Tool Construction

It is made possible by transmitting the development results over the Pollmann CAD/CAM data network. Thanks to the convenient layout of the tools and facilities, set-up and servicing times are reduced to a minimum. Combined with professional maintenance, this leads to cost-effective and smooth manufacturing processes and higher plant efficiency.

Manufacturing Options in Tool Construction

max. processing size in mm
CNC vertical eroding machine 500 x 350 x 500
CNC wire cutting machines 370 x 550 x 300
CNC milling machine 1200 x 800
(CNC) grinding machine 850 x 1600
Jig grinding machine 600 x 900
Cylindrical grinding machine 160 x 70
CNC lathe 750 x 250
CNC deep drill 650 x 550
Laser application welding tool  
3D Scanner 100 x 80

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