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Synthetic Foams

Microscopic bubbles occur in the plastic while the gas is injected. Thus, low locking pressure and no holding pressure phase are required during manufacturing. Manufacturing is faster and the finished product is lighter and more dimensionally stable (little deformation).

Status at Pollmann:

  • Mass production in door lock sector to the point of 8-fold tools
  • Currently, Pollmann is the only company in the world which employs MuCell and Optifoam in parallel.
  • Accurate comparative test of MuCell and Optifoam


  • Weight reduction of molded parts 
  • Reduction of shrinkage and deformation
  • Prevention of shrink marks
  • True to size molding
  • Improved flow properties
  • Lower internal tool pressure, reduction of cycle time possible

More information about
foaming process at Pollmann

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