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Innovation Management by Pollmann

To Pollmann, this means systematic planning, implementation and monitoring of ideas. But Pollmann innovation management is not just about the implementation of new ideas. Connecting already known concepts or coming up with new idea still unfamiliar to a target group mean "living" innovation to Pollmann.

Innovation management is part of the companys strategy. It encompasses products, services, manufacturing processes, organizational structures and management processes. By itselves, product innovations primarily aims to better satisfy client needs. Process innovations are additionally geared towards the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of processes.

Turn Signal for BMW Motorcycle

Unique Material Combination

The enclosure for BMW motorcycles was developed in conjunction with the client ZIZALA Lichtsysteme GmbH: resistors, SMD components, integrated circuits for the KANBAN system and LEDs are arranged within the smallest geometry. A heat sink and thermal compound dissipate the generated heat in the enclosure. The distinctive feature of this turn signal is the absolute impermeability of the enclosure, from the cable connection up to the diffuse lens.

Pollmann manufacturing processes are intelligently linked: from pre-molding, fully automated assembly over reflow soldering up to the final molding.




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