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headteacher Manuela Gegenbauer with Markus Pollmann in front of an interactive board

Digital chalkboards for creative classroom learning

Elementary school students in Karlstein are learning with interactive boards

The new Elementary School Karlstein was able to open in time for the start of school in September. What used to be city hall had been remodeled and expanded into an ultra-modern educational institution with a new gym, a library and a workshop. All latest state-of-the-art.

Today, modern teaching also includes electronic teaching aids such as interactive whiteboards. Markus Pollmann believes in a game-based approach to modern methods. That is why he and his company financially supported the elementary school in the purchase of interactive boards – the new digital blackboards. Even the first-graders are excited about using these learning and teaching tools.

The interactive boards combine modern teaching software with an intuitive multi-touch user interface. They can be used as electronic flipcharts and for controlling the computer that is connected to them. These various possibilities for interaction help students become media-savvy. Both students and teachers can easily use interactive blackboard pictures, photos, videos, PowerPoint slides and much more in class.

The outcome: motivation and attention. Almost limitless opportunities for creativity and fun learning!


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