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Today’s apprentices – tomorrow’s skilled professionals!
Pollmann strategy focuses on junior talent.

In September, 19 new apprentices started their careers at Pollmann to become skilled professionals. Fourteen of them joined Pollmann Austria and five started at Pollmann in the Czech Republic. We are especially pleased with the large number of female apprentices. Their preferred career choices are Metal Technology-Tool Shop Engineering, Process Engineering, Plastics Engineering, Mechatronics and Metalworking.

An apprenticeship-based career has become an integral part of Pollmann’s efforts to educate and train qualified professionals. As a consequence, the number of managers at the Karlstein headquarters who started their careers in the company as an apprentice is steadily growing. Take, for instance, Michelle Tomsa: Eight years ago, she started as an apprentice in the Turning Shop and continued to work there after completing her apprenticeship.  In early June 2018, Michelle became Head of the Turning Department - clear proof that women can be excellent managers also in technical fields. 

We were very excited about this year’s unusually strong demand for apprenticeships at Pollmann. This confirmed our decision to push ahead with our successful strategy of developing qualified personnel in-house. Pollmann Austria is currently training 46 apprentices in a four-year program in eight different technical occupations.

As an international company, we are especially well suited to prepare our apprentices for promising and sustainable careers. Our extensive training programs far exceed standards. In addition to the dual training system (vocational school + practical work in a training workshop/department), our apprentices receive a lot of additional training. This includes seminars and presentations on specific topics by in-house experts - topics like lean production, quality assurance, production process, social skills or English and participation in specific customer projects attract great interest. Field trips with apprentices and a number of qualified team-building programs are also part of the training concept. Our “Fit for International” program offers a special incentive: The best apprentices of each graduating class have the opportunity to spend time at one of our Pollmann locations abroad.

Starting in 2014, Pollmann has also been offering this training concept at the Czech Republic location. Since then, eight young people have successfully completed their apprenticeship at Pollmann in Jindřichův Hradec. Close cooperation with the local vocational school plays an important part in this training program. Pollmann Czech Republic has currently five new apprentices in training.


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