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application: connecting piece for fuel pump

PPS – The high performer among plastics

Overmolding of conductor paths requires a tool that meets the highest standards

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) – for chemists, this is a semi-crystalline plastic whose aromatic monomer units are linked by sulfur atoms - for practitioners, it is a material that can solve special problems in injection molding. The catch: There are stringent requirements in terms of tool and processing which have to be met.

The processing temperature of PPS has a relatively narrow window of 315 to 335°C. The tool has to have a temperature between 130 to 150°C. This makes the material extremely thin, which presents a problem particularly if you want to overmold conductor paths that may have a sensitive surface coating. The sheet metal thickness tolerances of the sheet metal inserts and the layer thickness tolerances of the surface are added up, making the task even more difficult.

Pollmann was one of the first to solve the problem without a downstream deburring process. Combining maximum tool precision and intelligent material management, Pollmann solutions are particularly successful where clean fittings are required - for example for fuel pumps. Pollmann developed the so-called ‘three-dimensional alignment’ specifically for this purpose. It allows us, for instance, to make the creation of bearing areas in the workpiece an integral part of the tool and achieve such high precision that no mechanical rework is necessary.

Such a tool has to meet the highest standards because it is not just a matter of producing parts that achieve this special burr specification, you also need adequate ventilation to prevent burns to the workpiece. In other words, these are very different requirements which have to be reconciled. Applying our extensive experience and correctly interpreting the preliminary simulations, we achieve results of the highest quality. Since no post-processing is required, this also makes economic sense.

But there's more: Since PPS is a very abrasive material, it is important to ensure that the tools have a long service life. This can be accomplished by using special surface coatings on the tools.


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