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Pollmann Austria CEOs Erwin Negeli and Christian Gaugusch

Pollmann’s outlook for 2015

The European automotive industry has an ambitious goal: Reaching the 90g CO2/ km target as quickly as possible to meet EU requirements.

Electrification of Loads
There are several ways to do this: Many applications are geared towards the electrification of loads such as A/C compressors, steering systems, fans and automatic start-stop systems.
Equally important are 48V power systems to meet the increasing energy needs of vehicles.

Hybrid Vehicles
This applies particularly to hybrid vehicles which can be partly operated by electricity.
What all these developments have in common are technical solutions some of which still have to be developed or implemented.

Insert and Outsert technology
Using the Insert and Outsert technology, Pollmann can map multi-functional components in these applications which will fully meet future requirements of the automotive industry.

Fakuma and Electronica
At the Fakuma and Electronica trade fairs it became clear that machinery and equipment manufacturers are focusing on two specific areas: First, optimization of the human-machine-interface (HMI) and secondly, energy efficiency throughout the production process. An optimized HMI which links seamlessly to the latest terminal devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) offers both state-of-the-art visualization and ease of use.

Man and Machine
The barrier between man and machine is broken down by the increased use of processes which are familiar from day-to-day life.
This makes the processes, faster, simpler and more secure.

Energy efficiency
“Energy efficiency” is a major component of manufacturing costs and becomes even more important as the need to conserve energy increases. Pollmann recognized the significance of energy-efficient equipment and processes years ago and has been committed to energy efficiency both in the company and in product development ever since.

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