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Pollmann – world market leader in the sunroof kinematics segment

Every other sun-roof worldwide is equipped with a mechanism by Pollmann. The worldwide development towards platform strategies in the automotive industry has now also reached roofing systems. While it was previously common to develop a separate roofing system for a new vehicle, today’s focus is on standardizing components across brands to minimize the development costs for new roofing systems.

The advantages of Pollmann are obvious: We integrate the development, production and assembly of sunroof mechanisms at our four global locations so that components are combined by only one supplier on several continents. This offers our customers not only maximum flexibility, but also considerably lower tool investments and higher production volumes at the best possible price.

Pollmann has more than 20 years’ experience in sunroof systems and has played a major role in familiarizing customers in Europe with the Outsert technology used.

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