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Hypo-NÖ Bank CEO Wolfgang Viehauser and NÖN editor-in-chief Walter Fahrnberger present the Leopold award to Markus Pollmann

Pollmann wins “Leopold” prize
NÖN award in Business goes to industrial employer from the Waldviertel region

The award ceremony took place at the NV Forum in St. Pölten on November 8. The Lower Austrian weekly newspaper NÖN recognized Pollmann International with the “Leopold Award” in the Business category. With Governor Johanna Mickl-Leitner in attendance, Markus Pollmann personally accepted the award on behalf of the company. As one of the largest industrial employers in the Northern part of Austria, Pollmann relies on the consistent development of its employees as it expands the company to meet the challenges of an increasingly global automotive world.

This annual award, established in 2000 and named after Lower Austria’s patron saint, is given to people, institutions and companies for exemplary performance in the categories Courage, Commitment, Culture, Sports, Business and Future. 

In his speech, Hypo-NÖ Bank CEO Wolfgang Viehauser highlighted the global company’s deep roots in the Waldviertel region. Pollmann is building a new 17-million-euro plant in Vitis (district Waidhofen/Thaya) and celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. Upon receiving the award, Markus Pollmann commented: “I gladly accept the award knowing full well that I do so on behalf of our employees in Karlstein and at our international locations. The Leopold award belongs to all of them.”

When asked why the company has thrived in the Waldviertel region, Pollmann talked about his appreciation of the local people and the company’s strong ties to the area. “For a long time, we have been at the geopolitical periphery and knew that we had to be highly innovative to draw attention to ourselves. This has left its mark on our people. “Pollmann employees don’t just want to be highly trained. They have also developed a feeling of solidarity and loyalty to the company, which defines our culture.”


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