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Pollmann supports Caritas

Pollmann received many smiles and “thank-yous” for its donation of EUR 7,100 to the Caritas Workshop Waidhofen/Th.


The company’s Christmas Party philosophy has always been: “Celebrate for a good cause in the region.” The Works Council for Wage Earners did a great job running the cash bar. Managing Director Erwin Negeli matched the amount raised and proudly presented Workshop Manager Karin Fida with a check for EUR 7,100. Thanks to this tradition, Pollmann has donated a total of EUR 29,100 to various charitable organizations in our region over the past five years.


The Caritas Workshop and the affiliated Carla Shop in Waidhofen offer sheltered workplaces for persons with disabilities from our region. In various work areas, 70 employees have the opportunity to work commensurate with their needs. The tasks and activities performed in this workshop – some of them in more than one department - are important steps towards acquiring skills in technical or creative fields.

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