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Progress at Pollmann construction sites in Vitis and Kunshan

Construction of the Austrian Pollmann plant in Vitis is on schedule. All foundation work has been completed and the building envelopes for the production and logistics buildings will be finished by year’s end. In March, we will reach the final 20m building height of our high-bay rack storage system.

Also in March, we will begin installing all building services systems and the production units. Production at our additional new site in Vitis will start as scheduled in July 2019 with housings and covers for door lock system. From the beginning, the building will be utilized seven days a week in a three-shift operation.

At the same time, the building shell for the 3rd expansion stage at our China location was completed well before the end of the year. The three segments Tool Shop, Production Building and Warehouse are ready for interior work and technical equipment. When we prepared the construction site and worked on the foundation in early May, we also started building the required sprinkler basin on which the employee parking lot will be built later. At peak times, 60 to 70 people worked on the site at the same time.

The next steps will focus on technical equipment. For this work, Pollmann will rely on the German company ONI, a trusted partner of long standing.

The major components will be delivered right after the turn of the year. Once this is accomplished, there is nothing standing in the way of our most important milestone: setting up the machines. We plan to reach this goal right on time for the Chinese New Year. At the same time, we will start finalizing the interior work and conduct equipment trial runs at the China location. Completion of the entire project is also planned for this summer.


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