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ground-breaking ceremony for the new Pollmann plant in Austria/Vitis

Pollmann to build Plant II in Austria

Pollmann, in its 130th year of existence, is taking the next big step in its expansion program. A new production facility is being built on a site in the up-and-coming community of Vitis, only 20 km from our headquarters in Karlstein.

With this plant, we will make two technological leaps forward. Pollmann Austria 2.0 moves us straight towards Industry 4.0. Our ambition is to have the best, state-of-the-art setup and the most efficient internal logistics system. The fully automated high-bay rack will be a visible part of the building and stand out as the backbone of this production site.

Our options for expansion at our headquarters in Karlstein have been exhausted. Pollmann purchased the 65,000m2 property for the longer term, because the 3,500m2 production plant and the fully automated high-bay rack warehouse for 5,500 pallet spaces are only the first step in a series of potential expansion stages over the next few years. It allows Pollmann to respond to developments in industries and product segments promptly and in a flexible manner and to make safe long-term investments.

Many guests came to celebrate the ground-breaking ceremony with us. Excavation work started in early June and completion of the construction project is scheduled for spring 2019. At that time, the machines can be set up and test operation can start. The first large-volume series production is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019.

Our headquarters will continue to be the center for technological developments. Going forward, production in Karlstein will focus on smaller components while Vitis will be configured for the production of larger modules.


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