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Pollmann Austria continues to expand

The production facilities at Pollmann Austria have reached their capacity. To expand our manufacturing area, we are adding a new 13,000 square foot building.

The components and assemblies which we produce in large quantities for our automotive customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. At the same time, the requirements for manufacturing processes continue to increase and production machines are becoming more complex. More and more injection molding machines and downstream equipment are merged into "production units" which require additional space. The peripheral equipment is state-of-the-art to meet the stringent cleanliness requirements and to ensure the optimization of logistics space and occupational safety.

In addition to the automated equipment, we will install a central plastic pellet pre-drier for loading the new injection molding equipment, a separate compressed air and energy supply system as well as a sufficiently large cooling system for the new production area. The cooling system is integrated into the energy recovery system. Energy recovery promotes sustainable production and meets the requirements of ISO 14001 as well as energy efficiency regulations.

Ground breaking is scheduled end of March. The additional production facility will begin operations 10-12 months thereafter. Starting in early 2017, Pollmann Austria will manufacture its electro-mechanical precision components in a production area totaling almost 190,000 square feet.

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