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Plastic Foam – Many Advantages – Third Production Plant in Operation

Pollmann has utilized the physical plastic foam process in its manufacture of parts for several years. The third production plant was put into operation a few weeks ago. The MuCell and Optifoam processes - for which Pollman conducted extensive comparative studies -are currently being utilized to produce plastic foam. In the future, Pollman will only use MuCell and will not develop Optifoam any further.
By injecting gas during plastic injection molding, microscopically small bubbles develop in the plastic. This results in only slightly less clamping force during production, and no holding pressure phase is necessary. Production can take place more rapidly; the final product is lighter and dimensionally stable.

The results are obvious:

  • Reduced weight of parts
  • Less warpage of parts
  • Avoidance of shrink marks
  • True-to-size molding
  • Improved flow behavior
  • Reduced cavity pressure
  • Shorter cycle time
  • Reduced employment of resources often leads to more favorable conditions

Pollmann is one of the few manufacturers that has experience in the production of foam parts in multi-cavity molds. Parts for door locking systems are manufactured with up to 8 multi-cavity molds.
Processes with reduced energy expenditure, such as those involved in foam parts, actively contribute to carbon dioxide reduction.

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