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Pollmann International commits to Waldviertel 2.0
Vitis gets a new production facility

Karlstein/Vitis. Pollmann International, the global market leader in sunroof kinematics and electromechanical door locks, continues its expansion in the automotive sector. With the purchase of a 65,000m2 commercial site in Vitis, the company is well positioned for future growth and development. Mayor Anette Töpfl, owner Markus Pollmann and Pollmann International CEOs Herbert Auer and Christian Schreiberhuber are very pleased that the Vitis Municipal Council has approved the purchase during its last meeting. 


The site in Vitis, only 20 km from its headquarters in Karlstein, will provide the company with more space for expanding production. Markus Pollmann is aware of the company’s responsibility as the region’s largest industrial employer: “The decision to also locate the new plant in the Waidhofen an der Thaya District confirms our deep commitment to the Northern Waldviertel region and its people.” The two CEOs Herbert Auer and Christian Schreiberhuber faced a difficult decision having to choose among  several excellent sites. “In the final analysis, we just had to take an objective look at the facts. Which property offers better prospects in terms of cost-effectiveness and logistics.”


Vitis Mayor Anette Töpfl points out the mutual benefits of this decision: “Pollmann offers everything a  community like Vitis could wish for:  a large workforce despite a high level of automation, skilled jobs, clean production - all of which will make our town more attractive. In return, Vitis offers an excellent quality of life, which makes Pollmann more attractive as a place to work.”


In the next few weeks, the purchase will be finalized and planning of the first construction phase will start.

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