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Red Cross: Josef Zimmermann, Johann Eggenhofer, Bernhard Schierer, Bernhard Bäck, Stefan Steinschaden and Julian Johannes Hartl

Red Cross Waidhofen prepared alert and action plan for Pollmann

On October 29, the Red Cross Waidhofen submitted to Pollmann a comprehensive alert and action plan which is intended to ensure a rapid response to extreme events.


To develop this emergency plan, we worked closely with Mr. Eggenhofer (Red Cross Waidhofen), looking carefully at every possible emergency scenario at Pollmann and taking into account the conditions on the company premises and in Karlstein. The main focus of the plan is on the coordinated rescue of human lives, medical first aid and the controlled transport to hospitals in collaboration with other supporting organizations such as the fire department. For the regional office Waidhofen, this emergency plan includes important prerequisites for large-scale operations. Access plans, hazard points, space arrangements, safety data sheets and key operational data are important components of an effective action plan.


Winfried Rossmann, Managing Director of Pollmann Austria, thanked the Red Cross Waidhofen for the thorough preparation of this plan. “For Pollmann with more than 600 employees at the Karlstein location, this alert and action plan is an important prerequisite for a rapid response in emergencies. In addition to our in-house emergency plans and numerous first responders, we now also have the support of the Red Cross and are well prepared for extreme emergencies.”


The presentation of the alert and action plan to company representatives took place at Pollmann on October 29 and included a final inspection of the production plant. Going forward, the emergency plan will be reviewed every year for possible changes to underlying conditions.

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