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Michael Hauer, Managing Director Pollmann CZ

Michael Hauer – a pragmatic visionary

My life can perhaps best be described by the saying “There is nothing permanent except change”. I have been confronted with changes in environmental conditions many times. Although no two steps were the same, I did have a number of déjà-vu moments. When I was appointed Managing Director of Pollmann Czech Republic, I was reminded of my experience as a five-year-old boy when my parents moved from Vienna to a small town.

I had similar feelings when I became Managing Director of Pollmann CZ. While I knew my colleagues and was familiar with the company’s processes, it still was a step into a different world. One of my talents, interacting with people, was of very limited value because of the language barrier. Still, I saw new opportunities for the Pollmann location and my personal development.

What matters is working together – inside and outside the company – and creating a spirit that supports the common culture between departments and across hierarchy levels. Relationships with customers, partners and authorities are equally important.

We live in interesting times. Automotive industry in Europe is confronted with many challenges. Let’s stand together to drive innovations with enthusiasm! Let’s take responsibility for our society and the country in which we live. Let’s have the courage to be open to change while remaining true to the values of our culture. To stand our ground successfully - that is our responsibility.


Michael’s Profile:

  • Hobbies? Garden design, especially working with natural stone and plants, my classic car, hiking, drawing
  • What are you proud of? That many people trust me and that I have the privilege of being a conversation partner and perhaps also a role model for them.
  • Your lifelong dream? I try to realize my dreams in everyday life rather than postpone them “until I’m retired”. What I actually dream of is spending the last years of my life peacefully together with my wife and surrounded by family and friends.
  • Which book is a must read? I own more than 2,500 books. I like to delve into one particular topic (e.g. Egyptian history) for a while. Some books you can read again and again, such as “Tante Jolesch” by Friedrich Torberg or the naval warfare novels by Alexander Kent.
  • My guiding principle? I want to look myself in the mirror with a clear conscience.
  • What is new and good? That the intelligent cruise control adjusts my speed in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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